Communication Breakdown in Healthcare


Analysis and regulatory our bodies have lengthy confirmed that poor communication in healthcare is dangerous at finest and lethal at worst.

Prior to now decade, the healthcare neighborhood has turned to security instruments and checklists to cut back unintentional slips and errors. And but, a brand new examine known as The Silent Remedy reveals that regardless of the protection interventions taken within the final decade, silence nonetheless kills. Security instruments don’t compensate for essential conversations failures within the hospital.

This video is a dramatization of a real story from the examine.

Regardless of interventions made within the final decade to cut back avoidable medical errors attributable to poor communication a brand new examine of 6500 nurses discovered that…silence nonetheless kills.

One nurse shares her true story.

“I used to be on a surgical group once I observed a health care provider making a essential error. He was getting ready to function on the improper aspect of the affected person. Now, we have now a surgical security guidelines that we comply with and on this case, we observed that the allow did not match what the physician was doing. So, we tried to cease the surgeon however he mentioned the allow was improper though it had been verified by the wow sleeping affected person. We could not even get assist from the supervisor or the anesthesiologist. So, in the long run, the surgical procedure went ahead. As nurses, we felt terrible as a result of there was no assist from administration to cease this physician. I imply what is the level in having a guidelines when it isn’t even adopted? We felt completely powerless to be an advocate for this affected person.”

Make candor a core competency in your hospital


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