Foods that may cause gas & bloating


Fuel may be uncomfortable and embarrassing, however understanding the culprits behind these digestive woes will help alleviate the discomfort. Sure meals are infamous for producing extra gasoline within the digestive system, resulting in bloating and flatulence. Allow us to discover 5 widespread meals that could be trigger gasoline and share some tricks to minimise their results in your digestive system.

Having a well-functioning digestive system is essential for general well being and well-being. Nevertheless, many people wrestle with gas-related points which may disrupt each day life and trigger discomfort. Fuel happens when extra gasoline accumulates within the digestive tract, resulting in a sense of fullness, tightness, and typically even ache. Whereas occasional gasoline is regular, persistent points could also be associated to sure dietary selections.

Meals that may trigger gasoline and flatulence

Radhi Devlukia Shetty, a licensed Ayurvedic nutritionist, shared an Instagram publish highlighting 5 meals that may be the reason for why you’re feeling gassy on a regular basis. Let’s check out this listing of meals:

1. Popcorn

Popcorn is a beloved snack, however its excessive fiber content material may be problematic for some people. When the physique breaks down the fiber in popcorn, it releases gasoline, inflicting bloating. Moreover, the sunshine and ethereal nature of popcorn can introduce further air into the digestive system as you eat it.

Resolution: To make popcorn extra digestive-friendly, attempt including wholesome fat like olive oil or coconut oil to decelerate the digestion course of. Sprinkling some light spices like cumin or turmeric may also assist digestion. Bear in mind to chew your popcorn completely to cut back the quantity of air you swallow.

2. Uncooked Salad

Whereas salads are sometimes seen as a wholesome alternative, uncooked salads may be powerful on the digestive system, particularly for these with delicate guts. Uncooked greens comprise compounds like sulfur that may result in smelly gasoline and bloating.

Resolution: To make your salads simpler to digest, take into account flippantly sautéing or steaming among the veggies earlier than including them to your salad. This course of breaks down among the harder-to-digest parts, making them gentler in your intestine. Go for heating spices like ginger or black pepper in your salad dressing to assist digestion.

3. Chewing gum

Chewing gum might sound harmless, however it may be a sneaky contributor to gasoline and bloating. As you chew gum, you swallow extra air, which may accumulate in your digestive system and result in discomfort.

Resolution: Restrict your gum-chewing behavior, particularly for those who are likely to swallow air whereas doing so. As an alternative, attempt sugar-free mints if you should freshen your breath or discover other ways to maintain your mouth busy.

chew gum
Chewing gum is perhaps the rationale why you’re feeling gassy. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Onions

Onions add flavour to many dishes, however in addition they comprise fructans, a kind of carbohydrate that some individuals discover onerous to digest. When these fructans break down, they’ll produce gasoline within the digestive system.

Resolution: In the event you love onions however expertise gasoline and bloating after consuming them, take into account cooking them completely. The cooking course of breaks down the fructans, making onions extra tolerable on your intestine. Alternatively, attempt utilizing herbs like chives or leeks, which have milder fructan content material.

5. Uncooked apples and peaches

Stoned fruits like apples and peaches, particularly when consumed uncooked, are excessive in fructose, a kind of sugar that may set off gasoline manufacturing.

Resolution: Cooking or stewing these fruits will help break down the fructose, making them much less more likely to trigger gasoline. Moreover, selecting fruits with decrease fructose content material, like berries, is perhaps a extra appropriate choice for some people.

By making a number of changes in your meals selections and preparation strategies, you’ll be able to take pleasure in a more healthy digestive system and a happier tummy. In the event you expertise continual gasoline, it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled to rule out any underlying gastrointestinal circumstances.



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