Drink tea for weight reduction, Listed below are 7 ideas


Indulging in a steaming cup of tea, generally identified in India as chai, holds greater than only a comforting flavour. Beloved for its wealthy style and rejuvenating results, c good cup of masala tea bursts with fragrant spices corresponding to ginger and cardamom and is low-calorie supplied you don’t add an excessive amount of sugar or full cream milk. However in the case of weight reduction, folks attempt to restrict or cease tea consumption. Just lately, a nutritionist revealed that for weight reduction, you don’t have to skip tea however as an alternative simply make some modifications.

In a latest Instagram submit, nutritionist Leema Mahajan shared why tea could make folks fats, and in addition beneficial a number of recommendations on how one can drink tea for weight reduction.

Is your common tea making you fats?

Since tea is a low-calorie beverage, it doesn’t trigger weight acquire straight. Nonetheless, sure components associated to tea consumption or the substances added to tea could contribute to weight acquire in some circumstances. Listed below are 3 the explanation why tea perhaps making you acquire weight:

1. Full cream milk

Firstly, including full cream milk to tea will increase its calorie content material. Milk incorporates fats, and that is linked to weight acquire when consumed in extra. Leema Mahajan shares, “One cup of tea has 33-66 energy, relying on the fats share of the milk. To scale back your day by day calorie consumption in tea, you should utilize skimmed milk as an alternative of full cream.”

2. Added sugar

“There are solely 19 energy of sugar in 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon has 48 energy. Whereas 20 energy per cup won’t make a lot of a distinction however in case you are somebody who has many cups of tea with sugar all through the day, understand that this could result in weight acquire,” shares the nutritionist..

3. Unhealthy snacks

If tea is accompanied by unhealthy snacking, corresponding to high-calorie rusks, biscuits and namkeen, it might probably contribute to weight acquire. Substitute them with a wholesome breakfast.

How you can drink tea for weight reduction?

Listed below are 7 recommendations on how one can drink tea to drop extra pounds successfully:

1. Restrict your tea consumption to 2 cups a day

Relating to weight reduction, moderation is vital. Extreme tea consumption could result in an consumption of extreme caffeine and different compounds that may have opposed results. Leema Mahajan says, “Limiting your tea consumption to 2 cups per day strikes a stability, permitting you to get pleasure from the advantages with out overdoing it.”

tea for weight loss
Don’t go overboard in the case of tea consumption. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Preserve a niche between tea and mealtime

Ingesting tea instantly earlier than or after a meal could intervene with correct digestion and nutrient absorption. To optimize your weight reduction efforts, it is suggested to take care of a niche of not less than half-hour between consuming tea and your meals. This observe permits your physique to soak up the vitamins out of your meals successfully.

3. Keep away from tea near bedtime

Tea can intervene with sleep patterns and digestion if consumed too near bedtime. Enough sleep is crucial for weight administration because it helps regulate hormones and promotes general well-being. To make sure a superb evening’s relaxation, keep away from consuming tea inside a number of hours of your bedtime.

Take a look at her Instagram submit right here:

4. Don’t drink tea on an empty abdomen

Ingesting tea on an empty abdomen can enhance the acidity in your digestive system, probably resulting in digestive discomfort. It’s advisable to eat tea after having a lightweight meal or wholesome snack to forestall any opposed results in your abdomen.

5. Drink water half-hour earlier than and after tea

Hydration is important for general well being and weight administration. “To scale back the unwanted side effects of tea, drink a glass of water roughly half-hour earlier than and after consuming it,” suggests Leema Mahajan. This observe helps to take care of correct hydration ranges and aids in digestion.

6. Use skimmed milk solely in tea

For those who favor so as to add milk to your tea, go for skimmed milk or low-fat options. These choices are decrease in energy and fats in comparison with complete milk or cream. By making this straightforward swap, you possibly can considerably cut back your general calorie consumption whereas nonetheless having fun with the creamy texture of your tea.

use skimmed milk for weight loss
You need to use skimmed milk for weight reduction. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Add much less sugar

Sugar is a typical ingredient added to tea, however it might probably considerably contribute to weight acquire and negatively affect your well being. To advertise weight reduction, step by step cut back the quantity of sugar you add to your tea till you possibly can get pleasure from it with none sweeteners. Alternatively, you should utilize pure sweeteners corresponding to honey or desi khand carefully.

So girls, make your cup of tea a wholesome beverage that will help you drop extra pounds by maintaining the following tips in thoughts!



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